Why Mission Mars

We are proud to work with Berda Claude International School Phuket.

What is Mission Mars?

Students, 10-16, will get hands-on experience with physical fitness, teamwork, and the essential skills needed for a space mission. This immersive program is led by space experts and educators who will share their knowledge and expertise to inspire and equip the next generation of space pioneers!

Day 1 - The Planet Mars

Planet Mars Morphology

Mars and Earth Environment

3D Design STEM Tools

Collaboration Challenge

Day 2 - Structural design and Space Vehicles

Fundamentals of Engineering Design

Student 3D design Challenge

Structural design activity

Rocket Design and Launch

Day 3 - Life support and Robots

Mars Environment

Mars suit: Radiation protection

Robotics in Space

Robot Design Challenge

Day 4 - Mental Health and Habitat design

Mental Health

Final PBL Introduction

Design Preparation

Day 5 - Design Showcase

Habitat Project Preparation

Student Presentation

Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony

Event Details

We additionally provide a residential option which encompasses not only the Mission Mars ticket but also a five-night stay at a luxurious four-star resort in Phuket, inclusive of transportation to and from the hotel, and dinner. Feel free to reach out to us for further information regarding this customized package designed to enhance your convenience and comfort.


Build a Martian habitat from the ground up, learning how to design and maintain a sustainable living environment in the harsh conditions of the Red Planet. Collaborate with your team to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of building, maintaining, and surviving in a hostile environment. You'll be ready to join the first settlers on Mars!


Living on Mars is more than constructing a habitat, it's about honing essential life skills like collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and mental well-being. By embracing these qualities, you'll develop a resilient and adaptable mindset, empowering you to tackle any obstacle with confidence and competence.

Our Team of Experts

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Day Ticket: 36,000 Baht Fully inclusive: All course materials, lunches and refreshment

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