Cubesat Challenge

Discover the world’s first student satellite system with our Cubesat Challenge—an immersive event that lets you simulate a satellite mission. Build and test your very own satellite design during this 2 or 5-day experiential learning space program.

Experience the excitement of seeing your satellite in action as it embarks on its simulated space journey. Immerse yourself in a true-to-life satellite mission, from design to launch.

Engage with space engineering and embrace the opportunity to explore the cosmos like never before. Book your spot now and be part of this unique space exploration venture. Unleash your imagination and reach for the stars with Cubesat Challenge!


Cubesats Built

2 or 5

Days Duration



What is the Cubesat Challenge?


Students aged 9 - 18 will work alongside Astronauts, scientists, industry experts, and educators to develop crucial life skills like active experimentation, observation analysis, and presentation skills. Plus, they’ll gain insight into the importance of mental health in a high-stakes environment. Don’t miss out on this stellar opportunity!


In teams, students will propose ideas for their own CubeSat & design it; the best idea is chosen on the final day and will be launched to the edge of Space either on site or in a live stream


With help from our team of Astronauts, Scientists, expert educators, and mentors; students will learn about Space, STEM and various soft skills through a variety of exhilarating hands-on activities.

Our Team of Experts

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